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Ready for MYP eAssessment? Take a quiz

myp-model-en2016 marks the beginning of an exciting new way of evaluating student development. For the first time, the whole community of schools offering the Middle Years Programme (MYP) will take part in a globally standardized assessment.

MYP schools will take part in one or both of the following:

  1. All schools with MYP students in Year 5 are required to register them for moderation of the personal project.
  2. MYP schools that value additional information about student achievement validated by the IB, also have the option to register candidates for the innovative MYP eAssessment (ePortfolios and on-screen examinations).

Whether your school already plans to offer eAssessment or you have not yet decided whether to do so, you might like some useful tips and insights into evaluating student achievement. We’ve put together a simple quiz to help you address some of the questions highlighted in the image below. It should take approximately five minutes to find out what eAssessment means for your school.

Take the quiz

myp eassessment qus

Other useful resources 

Why eAssessment? What is it and how does it work?

Replay our series of recorded webinars called eAssemblies

How to prepare students for the first on-screen exam?

Use the resources on the OCC including test blueprints, topic lists, and partially-completed unit planners for ePortfolio subjects.

Which steps to take for successful MYP personal projects?

Download our new brochure here or from the digital toolkit.

Which new Professional Development offerings can help me?

Check out the new series of MYP webinars:

  • JANUARY 2016: 25 January 2016 and 31 January 2016

Assessment for learning: Formative

Discover ways to determine where students are in the learning process in order to develop appropriate experiences and use relevant teaching strategies that support learning throughout the unit.

  • FEBRUARY 2016: 22 February 2016 and 28 February 2016

Assessment as learning: Metacognition and approaches to learning

Explore how student metacognition around ATL skill development fosters both student accountability and responsibility in terms of the learning process.

  • MARCH 2016: 7 March 2016 and 13 March 2016

Assessment of learning: Summative

Acquire the skills necessary to design meaningful, authentic summative assessment tasks that ask students to show their understanding of the statement of inquiry.

  • APRIL 2016: 11 April 2016 and 17 April

Assessment in a digital world

Examine the impact of the digital world on teaching and learning, with both on-screen exams and ePortfolio protocols, while walking through eAssessment examples.

Take the quiz