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The IB alumni guide to university success

To support the next step in the education of the class of 2016, we asked Diploma Programme graduates to offer advice on making the most of the first term at university. Here is what they had to say.

Preparing for university success

Tips from IB alumni on preparing for your university studies

Ruth-Mwangase-200t.110516Five things to remember as you enter university
After a bachelor’s and master’s degree, Ruth Mwangase knows how to prepare to succeed.
Haley ClassenHow the DP prepared me for university
Haley Clasen on how the IB prepared her for rigorous university coursework.
Three_Students_2759719443-1024x6891Ten tips for thriving on campus
Navigating your first semester at university? Here are ten tips from recent IB graduates.

Choosing your future career

Insights on choosing your studies and preparing for the job market

iStock_000008789509_Large-touched-1024x683The value of an English literature degree
Sunniva Midtskogen on the value of literature, even if it does not come with a career pathway.
Dilys HuangJourney from IB student to urban planner
Dilys Huang discusses how the IB Diploma inspired her to pursue a career in urban planning.
Adrian_Aleman250.150130Careers that didn’t exist a generation ago
Adrian Aleman chose Biomedical Engineering, a degree that didn’t even exist until recently.

Finding inspiration

Advice for funding your education and achieving your goals

AUS-Clip-1Scholarships for new IB graduates
If you are entering university, keep your eyes open for scholarship opportunities at your institutions.
KimboWho will you be after the IB?
Kimberly Rightor reveals how students define themselves and decide what success means to each individual.
LucasHavana student heads to Harvard University
Lucas Cocco, International School of Havana, talks about applying to universities in the United States.

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