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Calling all MYP coordinators!

We are looking for MYP coordinators who would like to contribute to coordinator support materials.

You may have seen in the Summary reportReviewing Programme Standards and Practices: A report on research and design activities (2014 – 2017) on the programme resource centrethat the MYP Programme Standards and Practices are in review. In anticipation of any changes made as an outcome of the review, the MYP development team will update the resources available to support MYP coordinators and welcomes your input to make the resources as useful as possible. We want to create resources with your input, directly from the MYP educator community, that recognize effective and creative implementation of the MYP.

In that spirit, we are seeking examples of a variety of resources from IB World Schools that can be shared with MYP Coordinators on the programme resource centre.

The kinds of materials that we are looking for include:

  • Examples of innovative learning spaces, such as spaces designed to promote collaboration, provide access to a variety of resources, or remove barriers to learning
  • Formative assessment strategies used to monitor concept-driven teaching and learning
  • Learning experiences that allow students to explore and affirm their own identity
  • Strategies for promoting health and well-being, including child protection policies and procedures
  • Approaches to sharing and reviewing the curriculum with the school community
  • Examples of access (admissions) policies that promote a culture of inclusion
  • Approaches to engaging and supporting teachers in on-going professional development
  • Sample timetables (master schedules) that meet MYP requirements, including creative approaches to subject-group flexibility in MYP Years 4-5
  • Budget planning templates

Would you like to contribute?

If you have materials that you would like to share, please get in touch. We’re looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

Get in touch

  • arif minhal

    For planning written curriculum i would like to share a sample planner where the description of key and related concepts are given to make it self explanatory and to help facilitators connect concepts explicitly and meaingfully with the explorations. We also document the identification of learner Profile with learning practices and Atl integration.
    While planning a facilitator can derive a possible cross curricuar links with other subject groups which may lead to a possible IDU and or/how a facilitator can derive a possible service connection or an outcome( as a continuum to IB DP planner) prior to the teaching part of the reflection.
    The Myp year 1 Unit-1 planner is build on the idea of Identity where the learners initiates Myp journey with topic like “need to study humanities” and so one for all subject.

    For formatives assessments we can show related criteria strands and Atl connection alongwith the Learner Profile. We follow a practice of re- learning after the formatives to build and consolidate the learning that has happened.
    In recent Myp coordinator’s workshop i came to realise that many school in USA and other places have problem finding time for teachers collaboration. So we have kept 1 hours everyday as dedicated after school time for teachers which we use as collaborative meeanng and planning twice per week andxrest of the days teachers can planning.

    We also practice teachers planner presentation with other teacher putting up question followed by a round of debate and discussion to improve the planning process.

  • Asheka Tenzin

    I am interested. I am the MYP coordinator and Middle School Head at Edubridge International School, Mumbai. I have got two schools authorised for the MYP programme. I have been working as MYp coordinator since 2010. I am also the school visiting team member for IBMYP Asia Pacific.

  • Baljeet Oberoi

    I am interested too

  • Angela Diaz

    I am interested too. I am MYP coordinator and Head of ICT.

  • Kate Taverner

    Hi Angela, great to hear that you are interested, you can contact the MYP team here:

  • Kate Taverner

    Hi Baljeet, you might already have heard from the team. If not, you can contact the MYP team here:

  • Kate Taverner

    Hi Asheka, you might already have heard from the team. If not, you can contact the MYP team here:

  • Salomé Moscoso

    I am interested too. I am MYP coordinator and Viceprincipal at Liceo del Valle School, in Ecuador.