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Celebrating 25 years of culture and diversity

For 25 years, the International School Aberdeen (ISA) has hosted their infamous ‘International Week Festival’ to celebrate the variety of cultures and countries represented by their students.

Students from Azerbeidzjan presenting at the International Festival assembly.
Students from Azerbeidzjan presenting at the International Festival assembly.

This year, ISA was proud to include students and families from 47 countries to their community, making this year’s festival a truly impressive showcase of internationalism.

Before the festivities begin, students are encouraged to hone their global thinking skills, and they are assigned a country to study from a variety of perspectives including culture, geography and history. When the festival begins, students share their learnings through dance, drama, poetry or music in a memorable ‘International Festival’ assembly. From pre-schoolers sharing their learning about Russia to Flamenco and Chinese lantern dancing, students express their creativity in a fun, entertaining and educational way.

Students performing at the International Festival assembly.
Students performing at the International Festival assembly.

Throughout the week, an array of activities take place including classes conducted in Polish, children making international announcements in their native language and even class trips for those learning about Italy. The trip allows students to make Pizza and Gelato at a local hotel. The week also featured a hugely entertaining “International Greatest Showman” circus assembly, including acts from teachers as well as students.

To celebrate local culture, Jackie Ross, a renowned Doric storyteller, also gave a talk to the students in the Scot’s historic local language.

Celebrations culminated with a colourful, Olympic-style evening parade, led by a piper and featured children dressed in national outfits and carrying flags of their home nations. Around 1000 students, parents and teachers attended the event which was compered by the president of the school council. An international food market showcased a global village of 20 countries whilst acts performed on stage.

The week holds a very special place in the hearts of the ISA community, both old and new, as they enhance their appreciation of cultural diversity and respect. It also plays an important role in educating young people to be global citizens.

The unstinting success of the event over the years is a testament to the hard work and dedication of those who put so much into making it happen, and the enthusiasm of ISA’s young people in getting on board and maximising the change to learn in an exciting way.

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