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Map of Kazakhstan through magnifying glass

Digging deeper into the modern history of Kazakhstan

By Askar Kossybayev and Sagingaliy Kaliyev Since implementing the IB Diploma Programme (DP) and Middle Years Programme (MYP) in 2013, the school community of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Astana has become increasingly aware of the positive aspects of these unique programmes, which seek to develop students who will build a better world through intercultural […]

"What guidelines have theorists provided in order to tell a literary text from a non-literary one?"

Literary or non-literary: that is the question

Teachers and examiners sometimes find themselves wondering whether a text should be considered literary or non-literary. The answer is often elusive, and agreement is difficult to arrive at. This blog post, by Guillermo Duff, explores some guidelines that could be considered when deciding on the nature of a text.


A community hero

Harsh Bagdy has always had a passion for giving back, which fuelled his desire to create a non-profit charity, Charity Health Resources. The charity raises money to purchase quality wheelchairs, walkers, shower chairs and other devices for people without adequate health insurance. In its first year it made 20 donations.

GAI image 1

When great minds come together, ideas come to life

When passionate and driven educators come together to focus on tough pedagogical issues, ideas are formed and goals are set. The Global Alliance for Innovative Learning (GAIL) unites educators and students from all over the world. Two people with a similar vision established the alliance in 2013. They valued education, collaboration and intellectual pedagogical discussions […]

Female Video and Sound Editor Works With Her Male Colleague on a Project on Her Personal Computer with Two Displays. They Work in a Creative Loft Office.

Developing your professional self

Each year we invite IB alumni to share their experiences, interests and advice with our global community in the graduate voices series. Here, three Diploma Programme (DP) graduates share their perspectives on making the most of your internships and other professional development skills.

magnifying glass and old book on wood background.

On language, linguistics and writing

Language is a crucial component of communication, which in turn is essential in our everyday lives. Three Diploma Programme (DP) graduates are here to help you understand and communicate better; whether you are looking for some guidance on crafting the perfect essay, understanding, looking into career options for language-related degrees or interested in studying complexities […]

Apple laying on a Book with glasses. Short focus picture.

What it means to be educated

Each year we invite IB alumni to share their experiences, interests and advice with our global community in the graduate voices series. We welcome Diploma Programme (DP) graduate Alyssa Fernandez, who shares her current experience as an educator after graduating from her IB school, Allen High School in Texas, USA.