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How will we assess students in the future?

Proudly telling the world about our philosophy in our 50th anniversary year By Paula Wilcock The first official examinations for IB Diploma Programme (DP) assessments were taken in 1971 by just 29 students. Fast-forward to today and more than 200,000 students will take an IB assessment this year alone. We asked Paula Wilcock, Chief Assessment […]


Washington Post writer talks IB in two minutes

Proudly telling the world about our philosophy in our 50th anniversary year Jay Mathews’ employer for 50 years, The Washington Post, describes him as a Harvard-educated columnist and education writer with Chinese language skills and author of nine books, including five about high schools and a New York Times bestseller. It was also Jay who “created […]

Nathaniel Katz

End of term prank with a curatorial twist

By Nathaniel Katz Following two years of intense art making in the visual arts course, my students celebrated their achievements with a final art exhibition. They spent the week prior to the vernissage curating their own shows, and with family and the school community in attendance inaugurated the exhibition, enjoyed each other’s hard work, and […]


DP digital society is coming

Proudly telling the world about our innovative curriculum developments in our 50th anniversary year We are (in) the revolution.  The way that our world works, thinks and communicates is changing. Many of us (but not all) can easily tuck away much of human knowledge in our front pocket. On our screens flash centuries worth of […]