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Stop hearing and start listening

Kristen Leer, a DP graduate, talks about the importance of listening in the real world. She expands on the differences between hearing and listening and encourages others to participate in conversations with the intent to understand rather than to reply.

The milk story

We all have a parental figure who inspires us in some way. In this article, Lachezar Arabadzhiev shares an interesting allegory of spilled milk and the influence of parents on their children.

Gold gilded tongues

IB graduate Ishanee Chanda relays her journey as a writer. She says, “The IB not only teaches you to have opinions, but also how to talk about them. Essays, round table discussions, final presentations; I had been trained for them all.”

Byron Dolon

Loving learning

“Going through high school has taught me that the process of learning inherently has value,” says alumnus Byron Dolon, “regardless of the content, learning in an IB environment involves critical thinking and depth of understanding, skills that are invaluable to making informed decisions.”

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Learning, a journey without a final stop

Lachezar Arabadzhiev, a graduate of the British International School Shanghai, explores the challenge of learning new skills. He says, “I have always tried to face those fears in my life and question them to the best of my abilities. After all, quality learning does not happen overnight.”


The perfect post-exam holiday

You have your university acceptance letter and soon you will have your IB diploma results. Now you have four months of holiday and no idea what to do! If this is you, alumnus Nicole Wambui has an answer: plan for the perfect post-exam summer holiday.