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The power of your network

Up until now, good grades, community service, and other individual accolades got you what you deserved… That is, however, not exactly how it works after you complete the DP. Alumni, Matthew Ferby, shares his advice on networking and navigating the professional playing field beyond the Diploma Programme.

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On numbers, values and risk

“The arts demonstrate that what we later come to recognise as paradigm-changing innovations could hardly have been planned, and as a result are … the work of individuals who took the road less-traveled.” DP graduate Marcel Wälde explores the value of open ended creative inquiry in an era that is increasingly quantified.

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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

What do you do when confronted with results that don’t meet your expectations? Diploma Programme (DP) graduate Safinah Hambali says “One of the greatest tests in life is overcoming disappointment … having a more positive attitude gives yourself a chance to find success in the future.”


Why education should be international

Putting a more international emphasis on education is not only the best way to bring people together from different social backgrounds but also people from different cultural backgrounds. Diploma Programme (DP) graduate Flora Maile Felix shares her insights on the value of an international education.

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Why I will always be a historian

Since her days as a student, alumna Halley Rose Meslin has explored her surroundings as a historian. “Being a historian means you know how to use the tools of the trade” says Meslin. “Critical thinking, understanding different points of view, analyzing trends, and articulating eloquently” are all skills DP students use every day.

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Hot words in higher education

Every college and university around the world is different. They have their own mascots, traditions, student demographics, etc. While this is true, the higher education community is rather connected. Alumnus Matthew Ferby shares his experience with higher education since graduating from the Diploma Programme (DP).