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Middle Level Education Month 1

How holistic education looks in a middle years’ classroom

By Bob Smith To celebrate Middle Level Education Month I’m zooming in on the topic of holistic education and exploring how it can look in a middle years classroom using global contexts. My 7th grade students are pretty tech savvy; they use smartphones and computers, they interact with a lot of digital and online information […]

I believe in simple truths

By Nargi Golashi I believe in simple truths, Like 1+1=2. I believe in facts, theorems, and postulates, For they are tools That help us understand The world around us just a little better. I believe in the laws of thermodynamics. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. So the same energy in me right now Has […]

What is community service?

By Dominic Auciello Community service is something we all should do We need to help the old and young ones too Community service will benefit others Let us help our sisters and our brothers We all know the world is unfair Why not do our part and show we care? Let’s show the needy there […]


How to prosper with MYP personal projects: common assessment queries

By Gill Chudley Standardization and assessment In the fourth post in this series How to prosper with MYP personal projects, we’ve pulled together the most common questions from the Middle Years Programme (MYP) community about the assessment of MYP personal projects. Let’s dive straight in. Where can you find the task-specific clarification, as it is not […]


How to prosper with MYP personal projects: supporting the process

By Sarah Phillips In this third post from the series How to prosper with MYP personal projects, we look at how students and teachers can support each other at this important culminating experience for students in the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP). The personal project is an important culminating experience for Middle Years Programme (MYP) […]

Help for hurricanes relief effort

MYP students bring the community together to help ensure children can continue to learn and play after multiple natural disasters sweep through the USA “I sat in shock. Glued to the television watching what was happening as Hurricane Harvey hit the southeastern coast of the USA. My heart was bleeding for these people. We had […]


Bringing stories to life

Students share their life experiences in a ‘human library’ event, which inspired and motivated classmates You can learn a lot from a book, but you can learn even more by hearing those stories first hand. That’s why IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) students at Oakridge International School, in Hyderabad, India, created a ‘human library’. A […]