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Uni enrollment and outcomes for DP and A level students Nov 2017

Making the case for an IB education through research

Working with leading university researchers from around the world, we conduct rigorous studies about the impacts of our programmes on students, teachers and schools. Given the increasing importance of data in the education field, research can be helpful in making the case for IB programmes. This new resource highlights global research key findings across the […]


Developing real-world skills through the PYP exhibition

In the Primary Years Programme (PYP), students are encouraged to be curious and caring lifelong learners with the capacity to take responsible action. A crucial part of the programme is the PYP exhibition, a culminating in-depth and collaborative project held during the final year of the programme. A recently published study explores this keystone event […]

Low-income DP graduates in the US experience improved learning outcomes

We’ve just published interim findings from a longer-term study, Study of IB students’ high school and post-secondary experiences: US public schools serving students from low-income households. Researchers examined the high school and postsecondary experiences of IB students from US public schools serving students from low-income households with little or no history of college-going. Click on the tabs below to […]

‘Reaching out’ and ‘reaching in’ by fostering international-mindedness

International-mindedness is the bedrock of the IB approach. While we in the IB community understand its importance, it can be a challenging concept to define, develop and assess. To shed more light on the practice of international-mindedness, researchers from the University of Bath conducted an in-depth, multi-programme study in nine IB World Schools around the […]


Tips for sharing your research in a poster

Did you know there is a wealth of research being conducted by IB practitioners within the IB community? Many IB teachers, programme coordinators and heads of school conduct fascinating practitioner research, often as part of their master’s or doctoral studies. For the first time, IB practitioner researchers had the opportunity to share their findings through […]


Is the skills framework for mathematics in the Middle Years Programme (MYP) fit for purpose?

By Sarah Manlove The National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) is working on this question with MYP development staff to inform their mathematics curriculum review. To date, NFER has conducted an expert panel discussion and comparative curriculum analysis of MYP mathematics to GCSE, the mathematics curricula in Australia and Singapore, and the Common Core in […]


How does the CP contribute to future pathways?

The modern global economy increasingly requires highly qualified professionals with specialized skills.  And yet, too often, there is not enough skilled talent to meet the growing need in these emerging industries. One answer to this challenge could be high-quality career and technical education (CTE) like the IB Career-related Programme (CP). The CP combines the academic […]


Strategies for developing caring young people

By Emily VanderKamp and Lori Mack Lessons for international schools from new research An international school setting comes with its own unique challenges and opportunities. The diverse cultures and language profiles of students and staff can add an extra layer of complexity to all aspects of education, but these same factors can also set the stage […]


What makes a successful PYP leader?

By Emily Vanderkamp New research explores the roles of principals and coordinators in schools offering the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP). A recent study conducted by researchers at The University of Nottingham explored the links between school leadership and the implementation of the PYP. Using staff surveys and in-depth interviews, the researchers conducted case studies […]

teacher and three preschoolers plazing with wooden blocks

Investigating the PYP in New Zealand

International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme in Aotearoa New Zealand—a study conducted by researchers from the University of Auckland—provides a picture of the current state of the PYP in New Zealand. The researchers gathered data from a document analysis, an analysis of PYP and national achievement data and observational studies within two PYP schools. Standardized test […]