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How to mobilise young people to embrace the Sustainable Development Goals

Today, more than half the population on the planet is under the age of 30—the biggest generation of children and young people that the world has ever seen. Through their creativity, energy and idealism, young people can bring about generational change, which can challenge the status quo and achieve positive outcomes—rapidly.


“Don’t lose your nerve!”

It’s a complex world out there and educators are at the front line; having to absorb what’s happening and develop strategies to help their students navigate and thrive. David Homer, Chair of our IB examining board, tells us about the role that the IB can play in facing today’s challenges, and seek his advice for […]


What does ‘great leadership’ look like?

The nature of international schools brings its own set of challenges and complexities around leadership, as Michael Fertig, Lecturer in Education at the University of Bath, UK, tells IB World magazine We can all recall working with a ‘bad’ or ‘ineffective’ leader. Some of us might even shudder at the thought. “‘Bad’ leaders are ones […]