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The power of social and emotional learning

Continuing the ‘mindfulness and wellbeing’ discussion from IB World magazine’s March 2016 issue, Jenny Mosley – former teacher, now trainer and author – talks about the power of social and emotional learning, and how her ‘Golden Model’ can promote self-esteem and self-confidence in PYP students

approaches to accountability

Approaches to accountability

By Neil Bunting This is the second part of a three-piece post: CAR: Challenge, accountability, rigour – three key attributes that my school is focusing on this year. “Accountability breeds response-ability” – Stephen Covey Who is accountable in schools? How many times have we heard someone say it’s not my job to do this or that? […]

“Adequate training is the only way to detect abuse”

Almost 50 per cent of teachers in international schools do not know how to detect child abuse, according to a recent survey. In the second article in the series, investigating child safeguarding, IB World magazine speaks to forensic psychologist Dr Joe Sullivan, about how educators can recognize if abuse is happening in their school and […]

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Discussing child protection in international schools

The International Task Force on Child Protection (ITFCP) received recognition at the recent IB AEM (Africa, Europe and Middle East) conference for their great work safeguarding children in international schools. Jane Larsson, Chair of the task force, and Executive Director of the Council of International Schools (CIS), tells IB World magazine why the international school […]


The dark world of cyberbullying

In the third and final article in the series on bullying, IB World magazine looks at cyberbullying, how it can be prevented and why the development of the IB Learner Profile attributes of caring, principled and open-mindedness can help students to stay safe online

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Charles Fadel: hard choices for Four-Dimensional Education

On 19 January, we had the pleasure of hosting Charles Fadel at the IB Global Centre in The Hague. Charles, a well-known global education thought leader, is also an author and inventor, and the founder and chairman of the Center for Curriculum Redesign. He visited the IB following the launch of his new book, Four-Dimensional Education, […]

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Stop, start, continue: Conceptual understanding meets applied problem solving

By David Hawley, originally published by Edutopia in November 2015. I recently became the Chief Academic Officer for the IB after more than two decades of working in and leading IB schools. In IB World Schools, we endeavour to create internationally-minded young people who, recognizing our common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help make a […]


Approaches to open-mindedness

By Neil Bunting ‘Open’ is a word with positive connotations in most languages. However, the term ‘open-mindedness’ is not always embraced positively by all cultures. It can be associated with things being lost, watered down, or ideals being sold out. In this post, I’m going to look at open-mindedness in the context of international students, […]