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Modern-day penpal project

When Middle Years Programme (MYP) Teacher Melissa Oliveira de Sousa, from Rijnlands international school, in The Netherlands, was invited to Nepal to perform at the Jazzmandu (jazz) festival, she also took the opportunity to teach at local secondary school Shree Yuwa Pratibha Vidya Mandir for two days.

43733138 - a tray full of autumn fruits, nuts, and vegetables sits on a kitchen counter. next to the tray, a wooden cutting board featuring a fresh basil plant and onion promise a delicious meal ahead.

Raising awareness of Crohn’s disease

When IB Diploma Programme (DP) student Rachael Totz was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, all the treatments offered by her gastroenterologist failed and left her feeling worse. However, rather than give up, she found an alternative solution to manage her symptoms.