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  • Lucien MAMBO

    Headlines: Learners and teachers concerned about the evolution of all aspects of the world.
    Through its standards and practices, the IB enables the development of an international spirit. Achieving its goals and mission is only possible if all teachers align with this philosophy by applying these standards. Collaborative planning, curriculum, teaching and learning and evaluations should not be dissociated. The themes taught must reflect local or global solutions or problems. The IB therefore aims to build global citizens.

  • Lucien MAMBO

    How do your existing teaching practices relate to or align to the standards and practices?
    The biology program taught in my school is the one recommended by the IB in the Science Guide for the Diploma Program. The planning of the content taught is transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary. The articulation of this program is vertical and horizontal. The proposed pedagogical activities involve thinking, research, self-management and communication skills. Knowledge theory is an integral part of every part of our program.
    How has reflecting on the standards and practices allowed you to develop and strengthen your understanding of the curricular requirements and the expectations on you as a teacher?
    Being an IB teacher requires that IB standards and practices be respected. Compliance with these standards requires their knowledge. The search for this knowledge requires regular visits to IB documents and sites.
    What challenges and opportunities do these standards and practices present to you as a teacher?
    The practice of IB standards aims to arouse international sensitivity. As a teacher of biology, the respect of these norms allows me to solicit different competences in the learners and to evaluate their gradual evolution.

  • IB CIA

    Hi Lucien,

    This is Pilar Quezzaire from the Curriculum Innovation and Alignment team from International Baccalaureate. Thank for your comments on this blog — I see you are working on how Programme Standards and Practices relates to teaching, an area that I am responsible for. I have a few clarifications for you.

    The Programme Standards and Practices relate to many aspects of learning and teaching in the IB programmes. We have sections devoted to developing pedagogy in Sections A (Philosophy) and C (Curriculum) that address the ways the IB expects teachers to develop and students to learn.

    The Programme Standards and Practices are in review, with a new release expected in 2020. The revision will very closely align with approaches to learning, approaches to teaching, international mindedness and the Learner Profile so that schools and teachers better understand how IB philosophy fits into everyday practice.

    One thing that might help you as you explore this relationship is to remember that what is provided in subject guides such as biology is also aligned to the standards and practices we expect teachers to use: for example, IB teachers are expected to provide inquiry-based learning, collaborate on designing learning experiences for students, and make assessments that are relevant to students’ learning. All of these activities are expressed as standards and practices.