Nathan Horne

Curriculum and programming

“At the start of any new school year having your yearly program set up and having a blueprint for the way you are going to deliver your school’s curriculum to your students is vital. Let’s be honest, curriculum documents are often long, tedious and sit on shelves far out of the mind’s eye. The problem […]

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Carla Marschall

Making the PYP evaluation process meaningful

“How can pedagogical leaders structure the evaluation process to ensure it is meaningful and impacts on student learning? I thought a lot about this question throughout the PYP evaluation process. Having just finished a lengthy CIS accreditation process, the school now needed to prepare itself for another evaluative phase. This meant staff had just spent […]

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Jack Little

Student-led conferences: Putting the students’ learning first

“This year, our PYP school decided to make the step from traditional teacher-parent reports day to student-led conference from primary grades 1 to 5. According the IB guidelines: “Student-led conferences involve the student and the parents. The students are responsible for leading the conference, and also take responsibility for their learning by sharing the process […]

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Rebecca Clements

The PYP exhibition

“In my role as ‘Teaching and Learning’ advisor at the English Schools Foundation, I am privileged to work alongside many passionate teachers as they plan and implement their exhibition units. This time of the year is my favourite, as I see evidence of students exhibiting the attributes of the IB learner profile that have been […]

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It comes from inside me

This article reveals how the reflective process can be the most valuable aspect of self-directed inquiry. “Having completed the amazing Personal Project process this year which is tied to our How we express ourselves unit of inquiry but also to our pastoral [care] driving theme of self-awareness, the reflective processes were, in my opinion, the […]

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