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Creating a strong IB student university application

Universities are excited about your application. Don’t believe us? Admissions officers from top US universities explain how to leverage the IB Diploma Programme in your university application.

How IB prepares students for success

Univeristy of Michigan representative Kedra Ishop, along with Princeton University’s Kevin Hudson and DePaul University’s Brian Spittle, explain how the IB prepares students to be successful.

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The value of an IB education

Standford university admissions representative Debra Von Bargen discusses the attributes that distinguish IB student applicants at highly ranked US universities and colleges..

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TOK, CAS, and the extended essay

The University of Rochester, DePaul University, and the University of British Columbia tell us how you can leverage the IB core and individual IB courses in your application.

Discussing the IB core

Life skills and critical thinking

Brian Spittle from DePaul University talks about how life skills, including critical thinking and communication, apply across disciplines and are perfect material for your application.

Skills to take from the IB diploma


Preparing for STEM

Andrew Arida from the University of British Columbia on how a broad education is an advantage even for students entering science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Skills for STEM fields


Think like an admissions officer

Stanford University’s Assistant Dean of admission tell us about how universities view IB scores, their familiarity with different aspect of IB programmes, and how the IB Career-related Programme offers students an advantage.

Inside admissions

Applying to university abroad

If you are considering applying to universities in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom or Australia – the IB has four new guides to help parents and students understand the basics of university entrance in these countries.

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