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CAS projects: reflections of thinking globally and acting locally

IB students who attended the World Student Conference (WSC) in 2012 are still drawing from their experience in Segovia and blogging about it! Read about creativity, action, service (CAS) projects and the future plans of these inspiring students.


Arianne BrakstadGlobal Jaya International School, Indonesia

In Segovia, Arianne and her global action team designed a school building project that ignited her interest in education and teaching. When she returned home to Tangerang, she began tutoring primary school students.  With her newfound passion of working with children, Arianne started volunteering at a local cancer center. Instead of just playing with the children like the other volunteers do, she started a tutoring programme to provide some educational activity to these children not attending school.

Arianne has been accepted into the University of Southern California and plans to major in neuroscience. Congratulations, Arianne! We are so proud of you!

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Bandhagi BajajFairview International School, Malaysia

Before Bandhagi came to the World Student Conference in Segovia, she had dreams of owning her own hotel and had been accepted into one of the best hospitality schools in the world. However, after working for a week with her peers from around the world, engaging in design model project planning, and becoming inspired by speakers who were carrying out such work, she changed her mind completely.

“Yes, I see problems in this world. Yes, I have ideas as to how to resolve these problems. And yes, I will no longer wait around for others to fix it. If I have a shred of humanity within me, I believe more so now than ever that I must put my duty to this world before my fear of failure.”

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2013 locations, scholarships and CAS updates

Happy holidays from the IB World Student Conference (WSC) committee! We are excited to announce that the number of conferences has doubled since last year as we plan to cross four countries on three continents in 2013. IB students will gather in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Hong Kon[...]

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The final goodbye

Now that the conference is over, we hope that everyone returned home safely and hopefully not too sad.  Through the speakers, and group meetings with the Global Citizens Teams, this conference has left everyone with more inspiration and motivation to change the world.  We hope you all will keep in[...]

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The final day

7 July 2012 has come and passed, and the students are starting to head back home in a bittersweet mood, as this was their last full day of the IB World Student Conference at Segovia. While the activities of the day unfolded, we hope they spent some time reflecting on how the week went, how [...][...]

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The projects are coming together.

5 July, 2012 Sadly, the week is coming to an end. However, there’s still much to do, and the students will stay busy until they head back home. The students have been growing and maturing: they’re on their way to becoming citizens of a world community. This morning began with three intellectuall[...]

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Another beautiful day in Segovia…

It was another beautiful day in Spain, and an even more successful day at the IB World Student Conference in Segovia!  The day kicked off with three inspirational speakers, Luis Ivan Cuende, and Alberto Elias, the founders of Holalabs, along with Sophie Umazi Mvurya, founder of H.I.T. – Hope Insp[...]

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The fun continues at the IB World Student Conference in Segovia

3 July, 2012 The second day of the conference began with two keynote speakers, Rocco Falconer and Sarah Larsson.  Both of these speakers are great examples of what it means to be a social entrepreneur.  Rocco Falconer showed how to be charitable through his organization Planting Promises, while Sa[...]