The fun continues at the IB World Student Conference in Segovia

3 July, 2012

The second day of the conference began with two keynote speakers, Rocco Falconer and Sarah Larsson.  Both of these speakers are great examples of what it means to be a social entrepreneur.  Rocco Falconer showed how to be charitable through his organization Planting Promises, while Sarah Larsson, an IB alumna, worked with a women’s group in rural Kenya to research the development of poverty.  Paul Sanders, IB Global Head of Recognition, commented on Sarah Larsson’s speech saying she “… is truly inspirational and a great role model as an IB alumna for the conference participants. Overall, a great day had by all, culminating in a Capoeira”.

With these two fine social entrepreneurial examples ringing in the students’ ears, they continue their work from yesterday with their Global Action Teams.  Today, a new step of the design thinking methodology is added on for the Global Action Teams to explore: Define.  Now the teams must think of new perspectives on their issues, and specify their insights.  In addition, many have created new plans for their creativity, action, and service (CAS) projects, taking into account how they can inspire and change the world themselves.

However, to keep the events moving, the schedule features an introduction to Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art, mentioned in the quotation above by Paul Sanders, along with a night of Bollywood, and salsa dancing – What a mix of cultures and fun!

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    nice!! we are about to host a capoeria celebration in our school too!

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