Another beautiful day in Segovia…

It was another beautiful day in Spain, and an even more successful day at the IB World Student Conference in Segovia!  The day kicked off with three inspirational speakers, Luis Ivan Cuende, and Alberto Elias, the founders of Holalabs, along with Sophie Umazi Mvurya, founder of H.I.T. – Hope Inspired Transform.  They all shared their stories about their experiences as young social entrepreneurs, inspiring IB students that they can do anything at any age.

The students are still working hard and creatively in their Global Citizens Teams.  Today, they moved onto step 3 of the design thinking methodology: Ideation.  As ideas go back and forth, the issues picked by the students are becoming closer to being resolved.  Marco Antonio Moya remarked on the students’ admirable cooperative spirit, “It is very interesting to see how people from many countries can get connected … if [they] all have the same thoughts, working in groups with people [they] have never seen … [they] can create a project with them.  All IB students present here in Segovia are learning a lot, because we are seeing how to create a better world with initiative projects”.

After all the group meetings and speeches, the students from 30 countries had a fun break-dancing lesson before showing off their cultures to others at the Global Village.

Although the students have already been learning a lot about each other, IB students know that knowledge is never limited and took full advantage of the opportunity to know more about the numerous cultures surrounding them.  Both Manjot Kaur and Bandhagi Bajaj Kaur have reflected on the amount of experience with diversity opened up to them.  Manjot thought back on her home life and says, “…coming from Gar-Field [Senior] High School from Virginia, I get a small world view.  There is an abundant amount of diversity there that I never appreciated it as much until today. As an IB student I get the rare opportunity to learn to appreciate everyone from different religions, ethnicities, caste, creed etc with ease”. Bandhagi enjoyed learning about her roommate at the Global Village, “My roommate, despite being my complete opposite, is a perfect companion.  Learning more about Finland from her and discussing our culture differences is so fascinating – I never realised just how differently some people have grown up compared to me”.

The night ended with dinner and a talent night – fitting entertainment given the talent and promise of this unique group!

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  1. Lorinda Hamilton #

    The talent displayed by the young people at the Segovia conference was mind-blowing. Each student added another layer to the varied talents. A great time was had by all. Very inspiring to see.

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