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A visual approach to the new theory of knowledge curriculum

TOK PosterIncorporating input from IB teachers, this poster presents the key features for the theory of knowledge (TOK) core requirement in a student-friendly and informative manner. The poster was recently redesigned to fit the new curriculum (first teaching 2013).

The vibrant new design makes this poster suitable for display both inside and outside the classroom. This eye-catching poster highlights the key features for the TOK core requirement for the Diploma Programme, and delivers an appealing visual approach to the new TOK curriculum.

Subjects on the poster include “Ways of knowing” (such as sense perception, reason, memory), “Areas of knowledge” (such as ethics, history, the human sciences) and more.

This revised (English) poster is now available on the IB Store.

Other posters in the core requirement series are creativity, action, service and extended essay.

The posters are also available as a core requirements poster set of 3, available here in three languages.

Creativity, Action, Service

Extended Essay