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Asheesh Misra on excellence and equity for all students regardless of circumstance


Asheesh Misra, IB Program Manager, Bridging the Equity Gap project

My name is Asheesh Misra, an IB educator, former IB coordinator and the former President of the Board of the Mid-Atlantic Association of IB World Schools. Currently, I am the IB Program Manager for the Bridging the Equity Gap project.

The project is a result of a Michael & Susan Dell Foundation grant that provides funds to develop services designed to increase the number of low-income students participating and succeeding in the IB Diploma Programme (DP).

Through these articles, my aim is to create a dialogue among IB educators and school leaders around empowering underrepresented students for success in life-long learning and college graduation through successful participation in the IB Diploma Programme in public schools. All of the related posts will be available on under e2: Excellence and Equity.

In addition to Progress updates on the grant, I will invite guest authors to speak about the topic of equity and access in the public school system, as well as curate topical articles, op-eds, and report on the global conversation around access to high quality public education.

Within the scope of this project, the IB has developed a Framework for Excellence and Equity (E2 Framework). IB’s Equity and Excellence Framework aims to provide an image of what an equitable school where low-income students have access to the highest levels of achievement would look like. It will also functions as a tool for evaluating a school’s program for excellence and equity and for developing a plan for achieving greater equity the DP. I plan to introduce aspects of the E2 Framework in these articles through dynamic examples of successful access in IB Programmes from around the world.

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