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Spanish B students educate their teachers about technology in education

Jacquiline Pascual has taught IB Spanish B at Brent International School, Subic, in the Philippines since 2009 and has been an IB examiner since 2013. Jacquiline wrote to us saying: “For the past two years I have had the wonderful opportunity to teach a group of exceptionally talented individuals”. Here, she shares a part of their learning journey.

I read an article that asks this very powerful question: ¨What kind of teacher will you be if you are given a child who will grow up to become a world leader? What kind of education will you provide for him/her to become the world´s truly great leader­?”

This question summarizes our objective as IB teachers. It is our common goal to educate our students to be lifelong learners who will be constantly curious in understanding the challenges and situation of the world, and will have an active mind to find a solution for it.

The themes in Language B touch every aspect of human life. As IB teachers, we are given the opportunity to provide a learning environment where the students are the active participants, where they see their value as a citizen of the world, solve problems, function as a team, grow in understanding of others, and listen not only to his/her own voice but, most importantly, that of others.

This year my Spanish B students studied the theme “Technology in Education”. They researched emerging technologies and methodologies in 21st-century teaching and learning, and discovered the different applications, devices and technological advances that are now being used in education.

student-led-PD-in-PhiliipinesThe students looked at the positive and negative effects of technological advancements, and how these discoveries can improve the teaching and learning process in international schools. “It is amazing how technology developed so rapidly” said Denny Kang, a Spanish B student.

​The students believe that knowledge is much more effective when shared with others, so they took ​the opportunity to share some of the useful APPs that they discovered and also demonstrated​ how modern technology can be integrated into teaching and learning. ​

This simple step paved the way for the first ever Student Led Professional Development event. As part of the event they ran a Student Teaching Teachers workshop and this marked the moment wherein the students became responsible for their own learning, and their roles evolved as they began to teach their teachers.

“The whole concept of students sharing knowledge with teachers was already one of the most rewarding yet nerve-racking experience for me. I enjoyed every little thing we did. All the preparations, the process of finding an interesting APP, the collaboration, the teamwork and the passion we put into this project to be able to share our knowledge to teachers. The most important thing that I enjoyed the most is that we were able to encourage one another.” Trisha Balo, Spanish B student

Their presentations were received with positive reviews from the faculty and administration and they embraced their courage zone, experiencing the value of sharing their knowledge with a bigger, more accomplished audience – their teachers.​

The IB Diploma Programme truly paved the way, for both me and my students, to awaken the inner light inside of us by opening our minds to the endless capacity of the human spirit to learn, share and transform.

“Connecting our learning of the Spanish language and culture with real world experiences, such as the use of technology in education and professional development, helped me gain more understanding of the practical application of what I had learned. Being involved in Student-led Professional Development was especially meaningful, because having the opportunity to pass on a skill to others, especially people who normally teach us, made it especially meaningful.” Thalia Bondoc, Spanish B student

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