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IB learners are internationally-minded and part of a global community

A new video library is available to on YouTube and Vimeo to help your community discover and share the IB experience.  This series introduces viewers to a global network of engaged, passionate teachers and learners, working toward a common goal; education for a better world.

The series includes four vignettes on how IB programmes ignite curiosity, intercultural understanding, and personal growth. IB World Schools are encouraged to share this resource!

Hear from students and educators how the CP fosters the ability to consider multiple perspectives and understand the connections between local and global communities, while providing practical experience.

DP students and teachers share how the programme develops international-mindedness, which allows them to understand multiple perspectives and feel part of a global community.

Hear from parents, teachers and students on how the MYP fosters empathy and intercultural understanding, while encouraging personal growth and independence.

The PYP ignites curiosity and encourages learners to ask questions. In this video, PYP teachers and students explain how inquiry and critical thinking skills are used in the classroom and beyond.

Do you know of another great video or story that shows how IB students are internationally minded? Send us the link by leaving a comment below or by tagging us on twitter @iborganization.