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Heads Council Appointment Process



The selection committee will identify the characteristics needed in those appointed to ensure that the HC will be well-balanced and have strategically defined diversity to serve the needs of the HSA and DG. The list of candidates should provide, as far as possible, a fair and adequate representation of geographical regions, their cultures and languages, IB programmes and types of school. The HC may invite heads of authorized IB schools to put forth their name for consideration; the invitation will identify whom to contact for information about the roles and responsibilities of the HC, expectations of its members, and the appointment process. The selection committee may also propose to appoint an unsuccessful candidate from the election.


During the nominations process, the selection committee will review all nominations in accordance with the criteria and desired diversity previously defined to meet the HC’s strategic needs. A slate will be presented to the HC containing, if possible, at least two names per open position. The chair of the HC and DG must confirm the slate prior to the HC members voting.


New members will be appointed by the current members in accordance with the identified strategic needs of the HC, DG and the diversity requirements established by the IB.

  • Elections will be by majority vote provided via electronic ballot.
  • Ballots will be counted by the chair of the selection committee and one other previously identified member of that committee.
  • The DG and chair of the HC will have final approval of the candidate.