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The IB is turning 50!

The IB has certainly made an impact since it was launched in 1968. From prime ministers to astronauts, teachers to filmmakers, an IB education has developed generations of inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who seek to create a more peaceful world. Now, it’s time to celebrate the community’s great work.

In the build-up to the IB’s 50th anniversary in 2018, we will share our greatest achievements, champion the relevance of an IB education for future generations and educate the world on what an IB education represents – increasing understanding among people and changing perceptions.

Growing stronger

In 1968, as communities recovered from the impact of two World Wars, the IB pioneered a movement for international education. The idea was to bring young people together with the skills, values, and knowledge necessary to build a more peaceful future.

Our organization is succeeding in its mission. Today, in more than 4,000 schools in 159 countries, IB students and graduates use their learning to make a real impact in the communities around them.

The world has become more complex and continues to change. However, an IB education encourages global engagement, open-mindedness and a commitment to lifelong learning. Future ethical leaders and creative entrepreneurs will continue to carry the beacon of hope and incite positive change for the next generation, creating more achievements for us to celebrate in another 50 years.

IB Director General Siva Kumari says: “As the IB’s network expands globally, we believe that our community will grow ever stronger and help create a better world. We look forward, with a sense of hope, that our community, now more than ever, has the power to change the world.”

Look out for

 a dedicated 50th anniversary website, launching later 2017

 opportunities for schools, educators and students to get involved in 2018 will be announced in newsletters, on and via social media: follow @IBorganization and #IB50 on Twitter

 a film documentary about the IB, produced in collaboration with ITN Industry News

 next year’s IB Global Conferences celebrating the diverse expertise of our IB community of educators.

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