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How to define a global challenge

He reported on the fall of Yugoslavia, the Palestinian intifada, and the Soviet invasion in Afghanistan. Now, Aernout van Lynden is teaching students to find their calling and discover what it means to be a good journalist.

Telling the world’s story was Aernout’s solution to a global challenge. What will define yours? #generationIB is your opportunity to begin thinking about your solution.

Aernout van Lynden was one of the first IB students at UWC, Atlantic College in Wales. He became a world renowned war correspondent and journalist.

Will you follow in Aernout’s footsteps and work toward a solution to a global challenge? Share your ideas with the global IB community using #generationIB. Use the hashtag to ask questions, identify a challenge, and share your progress. To bring our community of problem solvers together, we’ve identified five themes as a guide.

What are you waiting for? Get started by joining the conversation on #generationIB from now through 21 September for a chance to have your solution presented on a global stage.

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