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Calling all CP language development teachers!

We are looking for Career-related Programme (CP) teachers who would like to be involved in reviewing the current language development course. 

Curriculum review and development at the IB is a highly-collaborative experience: IB staff and members of the IB teaching community work together to review and refine aspects of the curriculum and TSMs. It is essential that we receive feedback from educators directly engaged with the teaching and learning materials we provide.  

The initial stage of this work has already begun through an online discussion group. This will be followed by a face-to-face meeting with a small group of educators at the IB Global Centre in The Hague, Netherlands in January 2019. 

Get involved 

Are you a new or an experienced CP language development teacher interested in contributing ideas on developing the course for the future? There are so many ways you can get involved; you will learn so much through collaborating with other language development educators and have an opportunity to directly voice your suggestions or concerns. Submit your curriculum vitae (CV) along with a short expression of interest before 30 November 2018 to [email protected]. 

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