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Calling all DP history teachers

We are looking for IB Diploma Programme history teachers who would like to contribute to the curriculum review of our DP history course, currently in its research stage and scheduled for publication and first teaching in 2024.

Curriculum review and development at the IB is a highly collaborative experience—IB staff and members of the IB teaching community work together to review and refine aspects of the curriculum.

The initial stage of this review kicks off with an online collaboration group in spring 2019.

Get involved

Interested history teachers are warmly invited to apply to participate. This will initially involve online collaboration, and those applying will later have the chance to put themselves forward to attend face-to-face development meetings.

If you are interested in joining us and applying to take part in the online collaboration group and/or in face-to-face, please submit your CV along with a short expression of interest to

Submit your application