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On language, linguistics and writing

Each year we invite IB alumni to share their experiences, interests and advice with our global community in the graduate voices series. Here, three Diploma Programme (DP) graduates share their reflections and advice on communication and understanding language.

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Language is a crucial component of communication, which in turn is essential in our everyday lives. Three Diploma Programme (DP) graduates are here to help you understand and communicate better; whether you are looking for some guidance on crafting the perfect essay, understanding, looking into career options for language-related degrees or interested in studying complexities of speaking a language.

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Ask questions to build a structured response

Vidish Parikh shares some advice for crafting the perfect answer to writing prompts, which will help you communicate your ideas effectively in any subject.

What’s the use of studying language?

DP grad and linguist, Viola Wiegand shares why studying linguistics is important as well as career advice for IB students interested in pursuing language studies in university.

Digital methods for researching your English essay

Viola also shares some of her research on advancing digital literature analysis with CLiC, which can help you read, analyze and compare texts much more quickly and easily for your essays.

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When do you “speak” a language?

Alumna Berit Braun addresses the complexities of language and reflects on her definition of when you can claim you are a fluent speaker of a language.

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