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Alums reflect on how to choose DP subjects

The IB requires six courses to complete the Diploma Programme (DP), three at the Standard Level (SL) and three at the Higher Level (HL). As you consider your options, see advice from IB alumni to help you narrow down your choices and tailor your IB experience to fit your passions and goals.

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Choosing your Diploma Programme (DP) subjects may be challenging as you consider the many course options available, your interests, whether you want to take Standard Level (SL) or Higher Level (HL) courses as well as factoring in your future goals. You can find the full list of DP course options here and use the resources below to help you in your decision-making process.

Keep your strengths and interests in mind

Choosing subjects based on your strengths and passions can be a great way to help you keep interest in your course work, allow you study a subject more deeply and narrow down your interests for the future.

Sofia Parunova

Grad Sofia Parunova shares how she realised her passion after she took a course she was not interested in and learned a valuable lesson about playing to her strengths.

Regina Labardini, a DP alumna, gives her take on what her favorite IB courses were—the ones where she could find success, either naturally or by initiative.

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Irene Sanchez - 300

Irene Sánchez Brualla muses on her interest in political science and DP History, noting the benefit of an international curriculum in understanding today’s political issues.

Consider your university and career goals

Perhaps you already know where you want to go to university or what career path you want to take. If so, you can see what courses align with your career aspirations as well as how you can utilize your high school coursework to earn you credits when you reach university.

Alum Adrián Alemán shares how he was able to easily enter a multidisciplinary field of study, biomedical engineering, by experiencing interconnected learning in the IB.

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Group of business professionals in a dark room standing in front of a large data display screen with information.

For students like Xavier Bofill De Ros, who know what their passions are, using DP courses to explore their fields of interest can inspire a new interest in specialty fields.

To help select the right IB mathematics course to fit your needs, some university admissions officers offer their best tips. They share guidance for students pursuing all fields of study.

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You can also look through an ever-expanding list of universities that recognize IB course credit to see which DP courses will earn you university course credits to meet your goals.

No matter what courses you take, your IB education will help prepare you for what lies ahead. Hear it from IB alumni first-hand as they share the value of their DP education.

To hear more from Diploma Programme (DP) graduates check out these IB programme stories. If you are an IB grad and want to share your story, write to us at [email protected]We appreciate your support in sharing IB stories and invite you to connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter and now Instagram!

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