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Three IB graduates share why they chose a career in education

Three IB alums reflect on their experiences in the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP) and how their teachers, the learner profile and their projects helped inspire them to pursue a career in education.

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For many, experiencing an IB education during their formative years leaves a lasting impact on their worldview, helps discover their interests and gives them the necessary tools to pursue their passions. These three graduates reflect on their IB education experiences, how they came pursue a career in education and their advice for students who want to follow in their footsteps.

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DP graduate Dr. Dakeyan Graham didn’t intend to pursue a career in teaching but as the director of instrumental studies at his alma mater, he continues to use the influences of his educators in his teaching philosophy. Dr. Graham shares what aspects of the DP piqued his interest as a student and his student-first approach as an educator.

Matthew Lambert took the learner profile to heart when he decided to go out of his comfort zone and switch studying astrophysics to teaching IB physics. Now, as a DP coordinator, Matthew values having first-hand knowledge from a DP student perspective and offers his advice for students considering a career in education.

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After traveling around China, the United States and Brazil during her teenage years, MYP grad Rebecca Vasconcelos landed at a Brazilian international school and now teaches PYP students. She shares her inspiration for becoming an IB educator, which came from her personal project and her relationships with her IB teachers.

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