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Calling all MYP Teachers for feedback on the unit planning process

We would like your feedback about the MYP unit planning process.

MYP units organize and document teaching and learning in schools offering the programme. As such, they represent the essential structure of educational experience in an MYP school. In order to improve the guidance and resources available to support teachers in the unit planning process, the MYP development team wants to know…

  • How do teachers experience the unit planning process?
  • How do teachers connect the unit plan to other curriculum documents, like the ATL planning chart, subject-group overview and local content requirements?
  • How do teachers connect the written curriculum to the taught curriculum?

We will be seeking input from MYP teachers and coordinators via an online discussion forum which will be open from November to February. Any MYP teachers or coordinators who would like to participate are welcome!

If you would like to join the discussion, please send your name, school name and email address to In order to inform our research, it would also be helpful to know a bit about your background, including:

  • the subject(s) that you teach
  • how long you have been teaching
  • how long you have been teaching in an MYP school
  • what additional role(s) you fulfil in your school (e.g. department, MYP coordinator)
  • what additional role(s) you fulfil in the IB community (e.g. examiner, workshop leader, BQC reviewer, eAssessment author)

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