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Five graduates on the values and benefits of CAS

Five Diploma Programme (DP) alums reflect on the emotional connections, career skills and holistic development that the creativity, activity, service (CAS) component fostered in them.

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For many students, participating in creativity, activity, service (CAS) is the first step in becoming an active member of their community and interacting with new perspectives they normally don’t have the opportunity to encounter. These five graduates share the value they found in giving back and the life skills they gained by continuing to carry the values of CAS in their lives after the Diploma Programme (DP).

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Alumna Ayesha Rashidi sheds light on how her CAS experience helped her build relevant skills and experience needed to apply and secure an internship.

“You’ll realize that you might already have some skills that are required for a lot of jobs from your own volunteer or job experiences!”

Ernest Ng shares how CAS inspired him to continue to give back to his community after graduation and the opportunities he found through service.

“Even after the DP was done and dusted for me, I was still chasing that passion that I had discovered through CAS.”

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DP alum Xavier Bofill de Ros reflects on the new perspectives he was able to experience and appreciate by volunteering with a NGO.

“Today, years later, many of us still remain in touch with our Cameroonian families to stay abreast of each other’s lives.”

Nick Bradman looks at the holistic knowledge that CAS provides students and how it can support university entry at Australian National University.

“What these changes ultimately reflect is universities’ growing awareness of the value in experience outside the classroom, and knowledge outside a textbook.”

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IB grad Maharani Hariga gives her take on CAS as an opportunity to learn responsibility, interact with the community and act on important issues.

“These experiences instilled in me the sense of responsibility toward local community and the audacity to act on ideas.”

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