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Tips during the exam period

By Anna Pantazi – Communications Administrator, IB 

Students across the globe are currently sitting their IB Middle Years Programme (MYP), IB Diploma Programme (DP) or IB Career-related Programme (CP) examinations.  Exams can be both exciting and stressful. For this reason, read below 6 tips to help you stay calm during the exams.

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1. Preparation is the key to success

It is essential to prepare everything you need the night before the exams. This way you won’t get stressed or lose time in the morning. Make sure that you have chosen your clothes, and that your bag is ready with all your equipment including soft pencils that produce dark lines for the Multiple Choices Exams, and dark blue or black pens for the non-Multiple Choices Exams the night before the exams.

2. Be fashionably punctual

You can’t predict what is going to happen on your way to the exam so make sure you leave plenty of time to arrive.  If you arrive with time to spare, you can use that time to refresh your memory with key facts or do some deep breathing to help calm any nerves.

3. Call my name

The IB Coversheets are pre-printed, and always include students details such as their name or session code. When receiving the examination papers, always start by checking whether it is the paper you were expecting and if the details are incorrect, alert the invigilator. Make sure to fill in your name and code for any work you will submit for assessment such as your answer booklets.

4. Read the questions carefully

When the invigilator gives the green light, start by reading all the questions. Even if you read the questions and you realise that you are familiar with most of the answers, do not rush. Make sure that you read each question slowly and carefully to ensure you are able to answer fully.

5. Strategy my old friend

After carefully reading all questions, start by answering the ones you are most familiar with. This will boost your confidence and contribute to reducing your stress. The questions, which you are less familiar with should follow. If you get stuck on any question, just move on to the next one. If your mind freezes, take a deep breath and try to write down keywords or notes and then return to the question later.

6. Through the eyes of the screen

One of the most common examinations rules is the prohibition of any kind of electrical devices – and being found with one during an exam can have serious consequences. Make sure that your smartphone, tablet or any other electrical device have been left outside of the examination room. The same rule applies for smart watches.

You are ready to go. Remember to breathe deeply, to think positively and to believe in yourself. Exams are one of the many challenges we go through in life, the key is to always remember to believe in your skills and abilities.

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