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Six perspectives on diversity and identity

Six Diploma Programme (DP) students and graduates grapple with the topics of identity and diversity from their own unique perspectives and shed light on biases in the workplace, building communities and understanding their place as a global citizen.


Diversity, inclusion and representation have become hot topics in business and education but these are more than just buzzwords. Creating space for different perspectives and allowing individuals to represent their histories, cultures and experiences allows for open dialogue, innovation and community support. We connected with IB students and alumni who shared their perspectives on identity and the importance of diversity, representation and openness.

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Ritva Vilppola discusses identity and bias by shedding light on diversity issues in the workplace. Ritva asks you to take accountability of your biases and privilege and help pursue people empowerment.

DP students at Charles P Allen High School take to YouTube, with their segment Girl Talk, to overcome racial and gender stereotypes and biases. They hope to carve out a space for teen girls and inspire them to overcome the challenges they face.


IB alumna Eman Elraie highlights how differences and diversity help create a strong community. Her main takeaway is that your actions can amplify kindness and underneath all the difference we have the same values of empathy.

Kymberley Chu reflects on how her identity as third-culture kid evolved over time. She shares how the IB’s global focus helped her understand the fluidity in labels by encouraging cross-cultural communication and ideas.


IB grad and art historian Marcel Wälde reflects on what it is like to be an international student by sharing experiences from Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore and Algerian philosopher Jacques Derrida.

DP grad Lachezar Arabadzhiev reflects on his international upbringing, the concept of the third-culture generation and using his experiences to look at the world form a unique multi-cultural perspective.

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