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Six perspectives on women & girls in science

For The International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we connected with Diploma Programme (DP) graduates and IB educators to share their perspectives on why we should support women and girls interested in science.

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Each year on February 11, the United Nations focuses on the importance of women and girls in science fields. The International Day of Women and Girls in Science aims to highlight the critical and influential roles that women and girls play in science and technology. By supporting gender equality, we can open up new opportunities to develop unique perspectives and ideas to help solve the world’s most pressing issues.

We connected with IB programme graduates and educators to share their experiences and advice for women and girls passionate about science.

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“It continues to be my mission to encourage girls to take science and STEM-related courses”

IB chemistry educator and MYP coordinator at Glenforest Secondary School, Diana Wang-Martin, shares advice for educators looking to support girls with a passion for science.

“Increasing the number of women entering STEM-related fields will play a major role combatting [global] crises.”

Jocelynn Yaroch, science department chair at Notre Dame Preparatory and Marist Academy, shares how increasing the number of girls in STEM can help us solve global crises.

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“Learning to think like a scientist shapes your mind in ways that are going to be useful in the future regardless of your profession”

IB alumna, Dr. Cristina Balbás, shares her passion for supporting STEM education with her project, Escuelab, and reflects on the importance of thinking like a scientist in all career paths.

“Providing opportunities [for girls] at a younger age and personal conversations with the students helps to make them feel more welcome to try something new”

STEM Specialist at Notre Dame Preparatory and Marist Academy, Louise Palardy, discusses the importance of early access to science courses and clubs for young girls.

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“I also think it’s actually quite empowering to surprise people (even yourself!) of your capabilities.”

Ritva Vilppola, a DP graduate and sustainability consultant, offers her advice to girls considering a career in science and how her IB education helped develop her career aspirations.

“It is fundamental that women have access to these professional opportunities and participate in the industries that are shaping our future.”

DP graduate Oriana Fuentes gives her perspective on the need for female perspectives in shaping the tech we all use and offers key advice for girls looking to build STEM skills.

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