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What to look for in the new MYP mathematics course

Some exciting developments are underway in the Middle Years Programme (MYP) mathematics subject group. MYP educators Margaret Clavette and Terry Linton look ahead to the new subject guide and explain the benefits that the proposed changes will have on teachers, students, and schools.

For the past year, Middle Years Programme (MYP) educators Margaret Clavette and Terry Linton have been working together with several stakeholders on the new MYP mathematics course. There are several reasons to be excited for the new course but here are the top four:

This will allow teachers to review the work done in the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and ensure that students are receiving a balanced course of study to prepare them for the MYP. The teachers will benefit from this as they will have a greater understanding of what the students should know when they enter the MYP, thus able to deliver better-planned units.”

There will be two new concepts: validity and approximation. They will support the transition to the Diploma Programme (DP), and they will allow “for deeper learning and understanding of mathematics and assist teachers in developing students’ thinking”. The development of reasoning and thinking is better for students and prepares them to think like a mathematician.

There will be an increased focus on thinking skills and the addition of reasoning and thinking shifts the focus from content to process.

The new framework will connect different branches to the conceptual approach of teaching and the underlying skills needed to demonstrate understanding. “The new guide has the potential to explore the connection between Approaches to Learning, the new Standards and Practices and the increased emphasis on thinking and reasoning.”

What do teachers think of the new MYP mathematics course?

When we asked MYP educators what they think of the new mathematics course, MYP educator Margarent Clavette said “First and foremost, I really appreciate that there is now an emphasis on the continuum.  From the prior knowledge between Primary Years Programme (PYP) and Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the concepts that align with those of the Diploma Programme (DP) and the Career-related Programme (CP), there is a definite excitement about being able to finally align practices through the four programmes. Having the MYP guide organized in this manner reinforces the need to approach all programmes with the same philosophy of what is inquiry and how we can scaffold and make it age-appropriate”

MYP educator Terry Linton, who works at Beanstalk Education Group in China, said ‘‘Teachers are excited to have an opportunity to focus on thinking skills, and the new guide does this well with the renaming of the branches of mathematics. The addition of reasoning and thinking shifts the focus from content to process. Teachers need to come to terms with this themselves, and the units they create to deliver these, will benefit the students and provide a better bridge to success in the DP.”

These are just some of the proposed enhancements for the MYP mathematics course. Do you have any questions regarding the new course? Have a look at our FAQ’s. Don’t forget to sign up for the subject-specific seminars taking place from February – April 2020 and let us know in the comments what you are excited to see in the new course👇🏼

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