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Learning at home: Resources for PYP parents and caregivers

IB staff members from the Primary Years Programme (PYP) within the IB learning and teaching division have assembled additional resources to support parents and caregivers during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

Learning at home

 By Nikki Welsh, Sue Tee and Sarah Galea

We would like to thank  Primary Years Programme (PYP) parents for the resourcefulness and support that you are bringing to your children in this challenging time. With a view to enhancing that support, we have developed some materials and templates to further your child’s learning and growth outside a regular school setting.

For many PYP parents and caregivers, this may be an introduction to the PYP, and they may be asking for more support in how to continue learning at home. The resource Inquiry through play—supporting PYP parents is a resource for parents of early learners. A short introduction to the power of play, how to support learning through play and some examples of what this could look like. A Parent guide to personal inquiries in the PYP provides suggestions on how parents can support older children with their personal inquiries.


We understand that the PYP exhibition may look very different for many schools this year. We remind you that the exhibition should focus on the process as opposed to the final product and a physical exhibit is not necessary. Much of the process can be done digitally with guidance and feedback from the teacher and mentor remotely. These exhibitions may not be as in-depth but there are lots of opportunity for exciting learning experiences for the students. We look forward to hearing of the many innovative solutions schools have adopted to support students through their exhibition.

See the full range of resources on our dedicated web page.

Contributors to this story and these additional resources include IB staff members Nikki Welsh, Sue Tee and Sarah Galea, working collaboratively to support the Primary Years Programme (PYP) within the IB learning and teaching division.

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