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Five ways to stay connected with your community

Are you looking for inspiration to stay engaged with your community for Global Youth Service Day? Here are some examples of how IB World Schools and students have worked together for the common good.

Global Youth Service Day is the largest and only event that celebrates the achievements of youth aged 5-25 as they work together to create a better tomorrow for their community. Even though we are all adjusting to a new reality because of COVID-19, we can still do something good for our community and plan ahead to make change in the future. Below are five examples of how schools and students have come together to build community.

“It is an issue that many teachers and students have been eager to tackle in their communities..”

Students in the U.S. and Singapore are using their creativity, activity and service (CAS) projects to raise awareness about homelessness in their community.

“The level of independence, creativity and leadership qualities demonstrated in the Cube Care project is admirable and embodies the values we aim to instil in our students.”

Diploma Programme (DP) student Ling-Ling created Cube Care as a way to improve the lives of 900 villagers in Thailand.

Sarah 600

“I marvel at the teaching and learning opportunities available to students and teachers through my experience in the MYP and DP continuum.”

Diploma Programme (DP) graduate and IB educator Sarah Clancy shares how service learning is integrated in the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and DP.

“The experience also caused us all to become more involved in different forms of activism on a local level.”

Diploma Programme (DP) graduate Xavier Bofill De Ros tells us about the impact of volunteering throughout life.

Children who are changing the world

“Small actions taken can make all the difference.”

Students are making their voices heard on complex topics offering real solutions. In the classroom, educators can use this as an ideal opportunity to develop interdisciplinary skills.

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