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Meet Princeton University’s Assistant Director for College Opportunity, Kevin Hudson

We are connecting with college and university admissions teams from all over the world to share their experiences and perspectives with the IB community. Kevin Hudson of Princeton University shares his advice for DP students.

Kevin Hudson serves as the assistant director for college opportunity at Princeton University in the U.S. While visiting our Washington, D.C. offices we asked him to tell us about the skills that he sees IB students bring to campus, including the high-level research and independent thinking for which Princeton University is known. His advice to students: Believe in yourself, know that you are a good fit and know that you are enough!

What type of student should pursue an IB education?

Many times, people think you pursue the International Baccalaureate because you want to go to an international university of one kind or another and move to another country. But really, any and all students can pursue the IB. All students have the opportunity to use the skills that they developed through IB to thrive on a range of college campuses, and especially a place like Princeton.

What is special about IB learners as they enter university?

“Whether it’s the extended essay or CAS, there is an opportunity to explore areas of academic interest”

IB is special in that, students have an opportunity, especially if they pursue the full Diploma Programme (DP), to be involved with research and doing independent thinking. Whether it’s the extended essay or CAS, there is an opportunity to explore areas of academic interest and extracurricular interests. That is going to prepare them for the type of independent opportunities they have on a college campus to explore the variety of programming available at the university.

What advice do you have for students applying to college or university?

So, one thing I would like to add is that as students are thinking about applying to a college campus or applying to a place like Princeton, they need to believe in themselves to believe that they could be a fit at Princeton. That they are enough, that it isn’t required that they are, “special”. But that they really develop their talents and their skills and their interests. They’re gonna be enough to thrive on any college campus.


Kevin Hudson is assistant director for college opportunity at Princeton University. He is also part of the IB’s College and University Relations Committee (CURC).

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