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DP students create a guide for understanding the SDGs

The Sustainable Team at GEMS Modern Academy in Dubai have published an engaging e-Book that gives young people an inside look into the sustainable development goals (SDGs) to inspire them to become global citizens.

DP students create a guide to understanding the SDGs
The cover page of ‘A Journey Through The SDGs’

Diploma Programme (DP) students Amanda Pinto, Devanshi Sanghavi, Hita Shah, Nishitha Pillai, Ryan Biju Sebastian, Shambavi Balasubramanian and Tejas Sridhar are all members of The Sustainable Team. They created an e-Book titled ‘A Journey Through The SDGs’ to provide insight into the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as information and resources for each goal. The book features an interactive story of Lucky and his animal friends for younger readers to engage with.

It all started because they felt that: “Every day, the news is filled with headlines highlighting the devastating consequences of climate change and unrest all around the world. As readers and active members of a global community, we feel the need to act”.

The students decided to use this initiative as their creativity, activity, service (CAS) project and have displayed many IB learner profile attributes including risk-takers, open-minded, caring and thinkers. “It was a huge risk to take up this new activity by ourselves during our already busy schedules, but delegating our work helped us meet our self-set deadlines quite well. We were open to learning new things and criticism to make our work better”, they say.

“One of the most important things that we learned while creating the e-Book is to trust the process. When we started, we naively believed that we would be able to finish everything off within a month, even with all the schoolwork we had. However, we went with the flow and ended up finishing it off in the past few months during the free time we had in lockdown”.

DP students create a guide to understanding the SDGs
The creators of ‘A Journey Through The SDGs’

The e-Book is available to download on Amazon and the team plans to donate a portion of their sales to the Lebanese Red Cross. To date, they have had 103 downloads.

“The IB stands for empowerment and encourages students to become global citizens and we aspire to do the same with our e-Book”, say The Sustainable Team members.

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