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IB Higher Education Symposium: Oct 2013

The 2013 IB Higher Education Symposium is at Stanford University from the 9-10 October 2013. Developed to support senior admissions leadership to discuss globalization, student mobility, promoting access, and the preparation with which IB students enter university. Registration now open at with ‘Early bird’ rates before 15 June 2013.


Students become published authors

Frankfurt International School (FIS), Germany, thinks out of the box when it comes to inspiring creativity in writing and art. Each year, it gives students the opportunity to produce, and eventually publish, a book during a week-long Writing Symposium.

Alex FAST photo

Stanford PhD’s supercharge DP research skills

The Future Advancers of Science and Technology (FAST) program was created by Stanford University students to provide mentorship and scientific resources to students outside of school. Students at Andrew P. Hill High School receive support from FAST volunteer mentors to fund, develop and present their science projects.


Postcards to the DG at the 2016 IB Global Conference in Toronto, Canada

In this last instalment of your Postcards to the DG, we share questions submitted at the 2016 IB Global Conference in Toronto, Canada, together with the responses from IB Director General Dr Siva Kumari. You can also refer to the first and second instalment of Postcards to the DG from IB heads of schools here and here, […]


Media literacy education in the digital age

In the digital age, Media and Information Literacy (MIL) competencies are essential for life and work—virtually all we know about the world beyond our immediate experience is conveyed through the media, and this emphasizes the need for media analysis. My presentation will focus on the conceptual framework that underpins MIL, and the critical analysis that […]