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Graduate voices throughout 2016

These IB diploma graduates wrote about their experience throughout the course of 2016 and were the first ongoing graduate contributors to the community blog. Here are their stories. Learn more about the IB Alumni Network at

Ruth Mwangase

Ruth Donaliya Mwangase completed the IB Diploma Programme at Sussex Coast College Hastings and received her MSc in Business Administration from the Hamburg School of Business Administration.

Her other stories include what to remember as you enter university and  five things she would have done differently during the programme. She also wrote a reflection on her DP experience.

Haley Clasen

Haley Clasen is passionate about learning. She writes about what the pursuit of knowledge looks like to her, and how it can ameliorate global society. She currently attends Messiah College and received her IB Diploma at Fishers High School, US.

Her stories include how the DP prepared her for university, a reflection on DP exam time: Study hard, have fun and thank your teachers, and IB, worldview, and me.

Adrian Aleman

Adrian Aleman completed his IB Diploma at Centro de Enseñanza Media de la Universidad Autónomais. He is curious about new ways and ideas of how education can be better planned and enhanced through the use of technology.

His stories include a look at careers that didn’t exist a generation ago and strategies to link higher education to a career.

Kimberly Rightor

Kimberly Rightor is a graduate of H. H. Dow High School. She fascinated by the ways in which stories can influence global health and public policy. She has diverse experiences in the field of global health diplomacy.

Her stories include who will you be after the IB? and rejection, reflection, and the IB learner profile.

Dilys Huang

Originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, contributing author Dilys Huang received her IB Diploma from Port Moody Secondary School in 2009. She completed her undergraduate and graduate studies in planning at the University of Waterloo and Queen’s University.

Her stories include journey from IB student to urban planner and reasons a career in planning might be for you.

Jasmine Jackson

Jasmine Jackson-Irwin received her IB Diploma from Parkland Magnet High School. While an undergraduate at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, Jasmine paired her academic pursuits in Political Science and German Literature.

Her stories include learn by doing: IB and the path to bilingualism, the IB programme and becoming a life-long learner, and picking the perfect university.

Frances Marsh

Frances Marsh received her IB Diploma at Finham Park School in Coventry, UK in 2012. She completed her undergraduate degree in English Literature at the University of Durham and is now on a European Voluntary Service placement in Brussels.

Her stories include CAS, self-reflection and being a lifelong volunteer and a discussion of why group six (the arts) is great!

Kristen Waites

Kristin Waites is a recent graduate of Baylor University with a BA in Professional Writing. She graduated from the IB Diploma Programme at Garland High School.

Her stories include how an IB Diploma changes your life and the transition from high school to university. 

Lay Wah Ching

Lay Wah Carolina Ching completed the IB Diploma Programme at Colegio Politecnico, received her BBA from Texas Christian University, and currently teaches Business Management for an IB school in Ecuador.

Her stories include loving, accepting, and embracing the richness of culturescooking up international mindedness, and seven lessons I learned as a teacher.

Tsering Asha Leba

Tsering Asha Leba, from Calgary, Canada, graduated with an IB Certificate in 2009 and went on to complete her B.A. in Political Science at the University of Calgary. Tsering Asha is passionate about human rights, social justice movements, and international relations.

Her stories include learning for life and five challenges of a working holiday.

Irene Sanchez

Irene Sánchez Brualla graduated from  from I.E.S. Santa Clara before receiving a degree in Biomedical Sciences at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. She is currently pursuing a PhD in a joint degree program between the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Université d’Aix-Marseille.

Her stories include four secret lessons from IB exams and  could IB history help prepare students for global challenges?

Sunniva Midtskogen

Sunniva Midtskogen studied a BA in English Literature with Creative Writing at Lancaster University, UK and graduated her IB diploma from Sandefjord Videregående Skole.

Her stories include an essay on her real education as a student in Norway, a reflection on the value of an English literature degree, and the university exit essay.

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