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Film competition honours IB teachers

Our winner! Nancy Leal Garza

The remarkable dedication and passion of IB educators worldwide is the focus of the IB Inspired student film competition. Congratulations to our winner, Diploma Programme (DP) student Nancy Leal Garza from Liceo de Monterrey in Mexico.

Watch Nancy’s film below and read her post about the teacher who inspires her winning film. You can also watch a compilation of all the competition entries at the end of this post.

Being inspired by Ms Nidia

The IB can be rigorous and compact, but there is someone who always helps us through by making it much more pleasant – my mathematics teacher, Ms Nidia. I focused on the use of a first aid kit in the film to emphasize how Ms Nidia always comes to the rescue of her students.

Even though I am not taking the DP film classes, I am taking visual arts and I focus on sketching and short-films. I heard about the IB Inspired film competition from my extended essay, literature and visual art teachers who knew about my passion for film-making, and I instantly knew I would make a film about Ms Nidia. She has a way of connecting with us which takes the stress out of the classroom. She guides those within the graduating class, helping them with university orientation as well as teaching mathematics.

For the format, I decided to make a parody with some of the girls in my school and I had a keen focus on the music for the film because I am a pianist. I produced the music with assistance from my piano teacher and YouTube research. I love making films – I came second in the Harvard Prize Book Program for a film I made on how I give back to my local community through service projects, and I hope to one day work for one of the major film producing companies such as Sony, Universal and Warner Brothers.

Tell us what the IB Learner Profile means to you

The IB Learner Profile guides me to become a better version of myself and helps me to develop tools that I will use for the rest of my life. These tools help me and also the people that I interact with and they show me that you can have an impact around you that helps to make a better world.

Compilation of all IB Inspired film competition entries: