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Why should IB educators register with My IB?

Updated 12 September 2017 – we’ve added a short video to help you with the My IB registration process

We promised to make it easier for you to access your IB systems and resources with one username and password, and we are delighted to invite you to register with My IB to enable you to do just that.

My IB is a gateway, it is where you log in to access the programme resource centre that replaces the online curriculum centre (OCC) as the place to go for all your IB teaching materials and resources. You can also network with your peers in the programme communities that replace the forums on the OCC as the place for IB educators to connect, share and collaborate.

The OCC will not be updated with any new materials from August 2017. The OCC will be phased out in the next few months.

The first step is to get you registered with My IB

My IB is ready for teachers, librarians, counsellors, and all other IB roles in your school to register.

NOTE: IB programme coordinators, heads of schools, and members of the IB Educator Network (IBEN) have been registered automatically with My IB and can log in using their My School and/or IBEN Central login credentials – you can all log in using your My School and/or IBEN Central login credentials and start using the applications available to you. Please avoid re-registering and creating duplicate records. The steps below are for all other IB staff at your school who have yet to register.

Three steps to register

Step 1

Register with My IB. You will receive an email to confirm your registration.

Watch this three-minute video to see how to register:

Tip: Unsure if you already have a My IB account? Click ‘Forgot your password’ and enter your email address. If you receive a password reset email, you know you already have a My IB account and can avoid creating a duplicate account.

Step 2

Log into My IB > click on ‘IB roles’ > select and register for the role(s) you fulfil at your school. One person can register for more than one role as relevant. You can also find the link to the My IB login screen in the blue bar at the top of

Step 3

After registering, your school’s IB programme coordinator will receive an email to confirm your details (they’ll log in to My School to do this). Once confirmed, you can log in to My IB to access the following.

  • Programme communities – for all IB educators – replacing the forums on the OCC for peer-to-peer networking and sharing of expertise
  • Programme resource centre – for all IB educators – replacing the OCC as the place to go for all your IB resources and teaching materials
  • IBEN Central – for members of the IB Educator Network – to access their latest assignment information
  • IBEN Engage – for members of the IB Educator Network – a forum to network and share resources
  • Workshop resource centre – for workshop leaders – coming soon to My IB
  • My School – for programme coordinators
  • IB Answers – for everyone  coming soon to My IB

Note: The OCC will be phased out gradually over the next few months. The OCC will not be updated with any new materials from August 2017.


If you have any queries, please contact IB Answers and check out the FAQs here.

Thanks in advance for registering with My IB. Enjoy using the resources available and connecting with your peers when you log in.

From everyone on the My IB team

  • Karam Chakkour


  • Philip Bennie

    Impossible to complete step 2 to register for myib above. As soon as I enter the name of the school (which pops up) I am taken to an error page.

  • Kate Taverner

    Hi Philip, I’ve passed your query to our IB Answers team, they’ll be in touch to help you with your My IB query. Thanks, Kate

  • Zina Osipova

    Same problem for me

  • Jomar P.

    Hi Zina and Philip, I am Jomar from IB Answers and I will reach-out to you separately as soon as I have an update from our IT Support team.

    Thank you for your patience!

  • Philip Bennie

    Ok I can now register in my role as a teacher and have been accepted by my coordinator but all I can see is the same welcome page. I cannot find a way of getting anywhere else.

  • Jomar P.

    Hi Philip, I sent you an email with a screenshot of where to access the Programme Resource Centre and Programme Resources. Please respond to the email should you have any further queries. Have a great weekend!


  • Cathryn McCarthy

    I am the PYP Coordinator and already had a My IB account established. When I log in, I do not see a place on the drop down box for the Program Resource Centre.

  • Jomar P.

    Hi Zina, I sent an email to you asking for more information and clarifications. I look forward to your response! Thanks, Jomar

  • Jomar P.

    Hi Cathryn, can you please email me at and in the subject line put ‘Attention: Jomar Palaypay’ so I can verify your account, email address and school information to find out why you are unable to access the Program Resource Centre? I look forward to your email! Thanks, Jomar

  • Edna Sackson

    Teachers at my school say they need to choose subject areas. As PYP teachers, maybe an option could just be ‘homeroom’ or ‘class teacher’ ?

  • Edna Sackson

    And once in, they are unable to access resource centre or anything else…?

  • Cathryn McCarthy

    Sent- thank you!

  • Peter Round

    When I click on IB roles I don’t see Head of School (which is what I am), and none of the other options apply….what do I do?

  • Sue Hunter

    I’m the MYPC at my school. Teachers here would like to know why they need to provide irrelevant personal information such as date of birth, country of residence, country of birth and place of birth to register. How is this information being used and why is it necessary? Thanks.

  • Jomar Palaypay

    Hi Sue,

    We understand your teachers’ concerns.

    When registering, we ask that you and your teachers provide some minimal personal information to distinguish your registration from your peers within our worldwide network and ensure that there will not be any duplicate accounts. Please be assured that we have strict data protection and security policies in place in addition to multiple layers of technical security controls to protect your data.

    I hope this answers your question.

    Jomar Palaypay
    IB Answers

  • Jomar Palaypay

    Hi Peter, can you please email me at and in the subject line put ‘Attention: Jomar Palaypay’ so I can verify your account, email address and school information to find out if you already have been setup a My IB and My School account? I look forward to your email! Thanks, Jomar

  • Jomar Palaypay

    Hi Edna, can you please email me at and in the subject line put ‘Attention: Jomar Palaypay’ so I can verify your account, email address and school information and explain this further via email? I look forward to your email! Thanks, Jomar

  • Gavin Fearnley

    Hi Jomar, I’m having exactly the same problem as Philip and Zina, as soon as I try to select my school when registering my role I get thrown out. I’d be grateful for any assistance you can provide…
    Thanks, Gavin

  • Jomar Palaypay

    Hi Gavin, can you please email me at and in the subject line put ‘Attention: Jomar Palaypay’ so I can verify your account, email address and school information to find out why you are having issues? If you can send a screenshot, that would of help too. I look forward to your email! Thanks, Jomar

  • Alexandra Francesconi

    Hi there,
    I’ the PYPC at my school, I have asked our teachers to register to MYIB. I only received confirmation of 4 of them and can see them in the school staff page, however I have been told that the other teacher have registered but I can’t see them in the school page. Is there something that we’re missing? Many thanks!

  • Jomar Palaypay

    Hi Alexandra, thanks for reaching out! Can you please send an email to with the teacher name, email address used to register for My IB account and in the subject line put ‘Attn: Jomar Palaypay’ so I can have someone in my team pick it up.

    Thanks for the opportunity to assist!

    Jomar P.
    IB Answers

  • Sencer DONMEZ

    My own MY IB account that I have been actively using seems not
    to work anymore. I tried to reset it- could not reset it. I use Microsoft Edge browser so I believe there should not be any browser related issues either. Any suggestions

  • Jomar Palaypay

    Hi Sencer, thanks for reaching out. It’s possible that you have 2 My IB accounts created which is causing the conflict when you do a password reset. Please can you send an email to with your personal and school email (past and/or present) so we can check what’s going on.

    In the subject line please put ‘Attn: Jomar Palaypay’ and one of my colleagues will respond to you.

    Thanks for your patience!

    IB Answers

  • Nikki Ball

    I am Service Learning co-coordinator and cannot find this job title as an option to select so I can register. Should I be registering as something else?

  • Jomar P.

    Hi Nikki, thanks for reaching-out! can you please drop me mail at so I can check this further. In the subject line, please put ‘ATTN: Jomar’ so I can pick itup quickly.

    Also, if you can provide more information (which company/school/organization you are working for) that might help me address this quicker, would be greatly appreciated!

    IB Answers

  • Jomar P.

    Hi Niki, just following up on your query above. You can choose CAS Coordinator as there is no specific Service Learning Coordinator role in the IB roles options. Hope this helps!

    IB Answers

  • Susan

    If there isn’t a service learning coordinator selection, there should be one added as it is part of the Career-related Program – thanks.

  • Kate Taverner

    Thanks, Susan. I’ll pass this along to the My IB team.

  • Molly Clarkson

    I understand that IB wants teachers to use email addresses that are not affiliated with their schools, however, our staff has serious concerns about the privacy and security of their data and as a state school we cannot expect our staff to maintain external email accounts to conduct work-related business. We used to be able to establish accounts with these school-based addresses. Is there a way for this feature to be re-enabled?

  • Olga Gerasimenko

    When I try to register for the roles I fulfil at my school the system regects it and gives the following error description

    execution of AfterInsert

    caused by: System.DmlException: Update failed. First exception on row 0
    with id 0030O00001xtNVaQAM; first error:
    FIELD_CUSTOM_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION, Contact cannot be younger than 18 or
    older than 100 years of age.: []

    Trigger.UpdateIBENActivestatus: line 41, column 1
    What is it that I am doing wrong?

  • Kate Taverner

    Hi Molly,

    Thanks for your comment. I’ve checked with the My IB team who would like to reassure you that they take privacy and security extremely seriously and have a strict data protection policy in place. I’ve included a link at the end.

    They advised that the personal email address you enter at registration will be used as your username for logging into My IB. It is used to login and to arrange password resets.

    Using an email address that is not associated with your school helps them to ensure that the registration is unique and listed to an individual rather than to a shared or group email address (e.g. This is so that user activities within My IB applications are owned by an individual and there is no issue of data or access being shared between people nor duplicate accounts being created. Additionally, because many teachers move between schools, they can continue to access My IB and retain all their activities within the applications throughout their career within the IB community because their username can stay the same.

    The My IB team also let me know that they are collating all community feedback and are taking steps to address all concerns and suggestions. We will use the IB’s suite of newsletters to keep you informed of developments. In the meantime, here’s a link to our IB privacy policy:

    I hope this helps, but if you have any more queries about this, please don’t hesitate to contact our IB Answers team who are ready to help you:


  • Ketty

    I second what Molly has said. I would suggest that a personal email should be asked for security purposes, as a backup.
    It would be more reasonable if the login email would be their schools account since it is a school related matter.

  • Kate Taverner

    Thanks, Ketty, I’ve passed your comment along to the My IB team.

  • Heather A Campbell

    My MYIB login worked fine for the first month and then was suddenly rejected, When I tried to re-set it I was sent on an infinite loop of check your email, click the link, which took me to another check your email, and on and on until the end of time. Who do I contact about this problem? Thanks

  • Jomar P.

    Hi Olga, I’m so sorry for the delayed response. I checked our system and found no emails sent from/to you.

    If you are still encountering the error, please send an email with a screenshot of the error to and in the subject line put ATTN: Jomar so the case can be assigned to me.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Jomar Palaypay
    IB Answers Manager

  • Jomar P.

    Hi Heather, I found a case you sent to IB Answers and I just replied to it to confirm that you are able to login. Please respond to should you need further assistance or continue to encounter this issue.

    Thanks, Jomar

  • Pascale Hertay

    We also have a strict school policy stating that teachers can’t use their private address but their school address for any school related actions whether is communication or login to resource accounts etc… However each teacher received a individual address including their name. I assume this will then be fine?

  • Jomar P.

    Hi Pascale, I sent you an email from