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How to help us help you track payments to the IB

By Kevin House

One area where we are working to provide greater help to schools is managing payments to the IB. We’ve outlined three simple steps you can take.

1. Make sure your My School data is up to date and accurate – we can better serve you if we have the right information about your school’s administrative structure, particularly your registered ‘billing contact’.

Login to My IB to update your My School data

It is worth pausing to reiterate that My School is the only IB system in which you need to keep school profile information up to date because it synchronizes with our other systems automatically. Before My School, much of this information was stored in the IBIS system. Now, My School is your one-stop-shop for any school profile information. It is therefore essential that your programme coordinator(s) maintain accurate, consistent and up to date information in My School.

2.When keeping the ‘billing contact’ up to date in My School your coordinator needs to be guided by you as to who best to enter as the person responsible for processing and approving your school’s financial outgoings. In our experience, the payment cycle can easily be disrupted if the ‘billing contact’ is entered as the coordinator, or Head of School because they are busy with the daily life of the school, or work in classrooms. Therefore, we ask that the school leadership carefully consider who should receive IB invoices to ensure IB costs are efficiently tracked and promptly processed. The best person to receive IB invoices is often the financial officer, in a single school structure, or the director of finance in a group of schools or school district.

3. Make your financial officer aware of the IB finance contact email, which is also published on every IB invoice. This provides a direct connection to our finance department so queries regarding a specific payment can be dealt with promptly.

Always remember that if your school is experiencing difficulties meeting invoice payments within our mandatory 30 days you can use the same email address above to contact us and discuss the matter further.

Kevin House is a member of the leadership team in the IB World Schools (IBWS) department. Find out who’s who on the IBWS blog where you’ll also find a video from the department’s director Adrian Kearney, videos from IB Board members, and information about the team’s goals to better serve IB World Schools.