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Stories for the first semester at university

These IB graduates reflected on their university experience for our annual graduate voices essay series. To learn more about the IB alumni network visit

Copenhagen, Denmark

What is study abroad?

Studying in both France and Denmark from the US, Halley Rose says, “a study abroad experience looks different for everyone.”

Mwangase_Ruth 2 - Copy

Five tips for university life

Skills, connections, personal development and fun. Ruth Mwangase shares her five-point list to tackling university.

Rachon new

Failing calculus (twice)

How one DP grad learned that calculus “isn’t a subject to be learned, but rather a skill to be practiced,” and turned failure into opportunity.

Billy Photo

How to find your calling

Before studying at Cambridge, Billy Chen looked closely at his interests and identity. Here’s how he found his calling in Architecture.

Matthew square

Too much on your plate?

As you take on more responsibility, life gets busy. Civil engineer Matthew Ferby inspires us to take time reflect and reassess for success.

Safinah profile 300

Adapting to a changing world

With unexpected circumstances and new challenges, Safinah says, “the future will not be about what you know, but how you know it.”

paul feature

What is an IB diploma?

“From the moment you step onto your new campus … inquire about that which interests you, become knowledgeable about that which matters to you.”

Thea Kurniawan completed the DP at Binus International School Simprug, Jakarta

Defining your superpower

Thea found her superpower during the DP – tenacity, perseverance, and grit. It led her to success as an engineer and project manager.

Haley 300

How the DP prepared me for university

“I learned how to succeed and thrive in a rigorous environment,” says Haley Clasen. She tells us how she carried those skills with her to university.

Flora Image round

First days at university after the IB diploma

Writing from the University of Vienna,  DP graduate Flora Maile Felix tells us about how her experience benefited her university studies in Austria.

Transcripts, results and admissions

Every year, we get questions about ordering transcripts and accessing results. We’ve put everything you need to know in one place.

50 international scholarships

Our list of IB scholarships from institutions worldwide to support your educaiton.

Top IB scholarships

IB credit at US universities

Many US universities offer course credit for IB exams. Find out what you may receive.

Getting IB credit

These stories are included as part of the alumni guide to finding and applying to university.

More stories about university life:

The value of an English literature degree
Sunniva Midtskogen on the value of literature, even if it does not come with a career pathway.

Havana to Harvard University
Lucas Cocco, International School of Havana, talks about applying to universities in the United States.

Journey from student to urban planner
Dilys Huang discusses how the IB Diploma inspired her to pursue a career in urban planning.

What my experience was missing
Emily Paglicci found a way to give back to the community by joining an organization that raises funds for accessible children’s healthcare.

Careers that didn’t exist before
Adrian Aleman chose Biomedical Engineering, a degree that didn’t even exist until recently.

Imagining your transition to a university
Rucha Benare shares how she imagined university before her trip abroad from Indus International School, Pune to Trinity College, Dublin.

Who will you be after the IB?
Kimberly Rightor reveals how students define themselves and decide what success means to each individual.

First degree, the second time
Johan Byttner shares his journey entering, leaving, and then returning to university for a second time to finish his degree.