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IB alumni catalyzing change through start-up ventures

We interviewed four Diploma Programme (DP) graduates who have used their experiences and forward thinking to disrupt the social entrepreneur scene. Read more about what inspired these IB graduates to dedicate their careers to social enterprise below.

Social  entrepreneurship is a business start-up model that uses innovative perspectives and ideas to solve pressing social issues. Social entrepreneurs use their business know-how and expert understanding of social issues to creatively tackle the world’s most difficult problems. The IB curriculum exposes students to service and allows them to understand how and why social issues arise as well as provides them with tools to critically think about and implement solutions.

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How I cultivate social change

Krista Kaufmann joined international start-up, Impact Hub Lausanne, to help social entrepreneurs access valuable training resources, work spaces and community-building networks as they tackle large-scale social issues Learn more about the valuable skills Krista learned and implemented for entrepreneurial success.

Activating STEM pathways in Spain

Cristina Balbás launched Escuelab to counteract the decrease in Spanish students pursuing STEM degrees and a lack of availability in after-school programming. Learn more about Escuelab and the challenges Cristina was able to overcome to make her passion come to life.

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Teaming up for youth empowerment

Ena Peeva co-founded EDUACTIVE Società Cooperativa when she discovered that many young people did not have access to the market-oriented skills valued in the job market. Read more about how Ena grew her venture with the help of her supportive team.

Finding the energy to power an entrepreneurial career

Urs Riggenbach became a founding member of GoSol.Solar when recognized the need and potential for renewable energy in developing countries was greater than in developed countries. Read more about his work and the lessons he learned by building a start-up enterprise.

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