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Would you like to try a revised version of the MYP Personal Project report?

We are looking for Middle Years Programme (MYP) schools who would like to pilot a revised version of the personal project report. This pilot will allow us to evaluate the impact of the proposed changes and make strategic revisions before the new personal project guide is launched in September 2021.

Participation in the pilot satisfies the requirement to register for the personal project; students at participating schools would complete the pilot version of the personal project report only. Students who participate in the pilot will receive a course result for the November 2019 or May 2020 session; however, the pilot will follow the timeline of the November 2019 session.

Pilot timeline:

  • March 2019: pilot schools selected and notified
  • April 2019: pilot schools register students on IBIS
  • May 2019: pilot schools receive guidance materials and students begin the personal project
  • October 2019: school complete internal assessment and standardization, submit teacher assessed totals, and upload samples of student work to IBIS
  • February 2020: results issued

Your school is eligible if:

  • It has registered candidates for the personal project in 2017, 2018 and/or 2019
  • Your students complete the personal project in English
  • You have a cohort of and submit teacher assessed totals for at least 41 students
  • Your students are NOT pursuing the MYP certificate

Get involved

If you would like your school to participate in the pilot, or if you have any questions, please contact by March 15, 2019.