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Five graduates on the power of becoming self-advocates

Each year we invite IB alumni to share their experiences, interests and advice with our global community in the graduate voices series. Here, five Diploma Programme (DP) graduates share their perspectives on pushing out of your comfort zones and speaking up for your self.

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Our comfort zones are designed to make us feel safe. But these Diploma Programme (DP) grads can attest that sometimes staying silent is not the best way to grow, challenge yourself and feel proud of your accomplishments. These IB alumni share their perspectives on how found positive changes in their lives by becoming self-advocates.


The misconception of comfort zones

IB grad Eman Elraie refelcts on how she was able to turn her fears into strengths by stepping out of her comfort zone and offers advice to find your opportunity for self-betterment.

Going outside of your comfort zone: how facing my fears has changed my everyday life

Alumna Michaela Clancy discusses the importance of putting yourself out there and how she took the leap out of her comfort zone to overcome her fear of rejection by making new friends.

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Speaking up for yourself

Sally Runions shares how she used self-advocacy, a soft-skill she picked up from the DP, at university when she felt she wasn’t being challenged with her introductory-level chemistry class.

Can’t decide what to choose after school? The answer may require a bit of exploration

Vienna Tran shares her perspective on how exploring within your IB curriculum may help interact with new communities, discover new passions and develop a career path.

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Why we should embrace change

DP graduate Maharani Hariga reflects on leaving her comfort zone to attend a university abroad and later leaving job security to to pursue a new degree in new field.

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