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Finding opportunities in second chances

Six Diploma Programme (DP) graduates share their take on finding opportunities and inspiration when their first, second or even third attempts don’t go according to plan.

SECOND CHANCE AHEAD: This is a photograph of a mobile roadside sign parked on highway one in northern California. It is a trailer and powered by batteries and provides information and warnings for drivers by displaying words on a large panel display.

Albert Einstein said, “Failure is success in progress,” and identified the evolution of learning, ability to hone skills and growth in resilience that “failure” can bring. These six IB graduates share their experiences in navigating the new opportunities, ideas and skills they were able to learn when their first ideas didn’t go according to plan.


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Berit Braun reflects on the times where her first plan didn’t work out and she found clarity and opportunity in her back-up plan.

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Sebastián Salinas shares how he launched his social enterprise by believing in his project again and again when no one else would.


Klaus Tan found inspiration from the resilience of hoteliers as they continued to pursue their dreams by overcoming obstacles.


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Eduardo Flores Linares shares the long path his passions, worries and interests led him on to find the right career and universality.

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Johan Byttner shares his journey entering, leaving and returning to university and finding his true purpose for seeking a degree.


Eman Elraie reflects on how she discovered her passion for the French language by changing her attitude and giving it a second chance.

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