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The art of the DP

Four Diploma Programme (DP) graduates share the value of interdisciplinary studies relating the humanities to science.

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People tend to divide and group like things into narrow categories; Left brain or right, creative or analytic; and in doing so, often overlook the important perspectives one can lend the other. In recent years there has been a shift to be more inclusive of all perspectives, especially in the science fields with the inclusion of the arts in to STEM with STEAM. These four Diploma Programme (DP) graduates reflect on carrying the important aspects of their humanities education into their lives and careers.

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“No matter what subject you study … you are either helping to save the world or helping to make it worth saving”

DP grad Vincent Blake illustrates the value interdisciplinary learning with incorporating critical thinking, communication and compassion into STEM fields as his biggest takeaway.

“Medicine is both a science and an art—the science is in the details; the art is in the delivery”

Alum Aaron Goh Qi Yang sheds insight into the little ways he sees artistry and compassion in his studies as a medical student in field that is largely perceived as cold, calculating and analytic.

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“We must be educated regarding politics and history [and] we can look to art as a source of insight”

Smit Chitre reflects on how taking IB literature and performance as a STEM-focused DP student opened his eyes to new ways of thinking.

“I would get a lot of inspiration from the stuff that we read, from the poems—and even maths with the golden ratio”

DP grad Izy Kali reflects on the influence of art in her IB education & throughout her career as an illustrator as well as her work on the IB mission statement poster.

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